It's the Kerry 'n' Pete show

It's been a while since we last saw Andre and Katona in a stage-managed set of snaps, so we're mighty pleased to see them back together, kids and paps in tow. Apparently, Kerry was upset not to have missed Pete's gig (or at least, that's what she told him) and so made amends by coming round for a good feed.

A very chatty and well informed source told The Daily Mail, 'Kerry couldn’t make it down to Pete’s gig in Brighton on ­Sunday so she decided to pop round ­yesterday instead. 'It was a real family occasion. Kerry took her two youngest, Heidi and Max, round for lunch with Peter, Junior and Princess Tiaamii. Pete’s brothers Mike and Chris were also there. Of course rumours will always start when Pete and Kerry meet up but they both insist they’re strictly good pals and that’s all. Some of their friends would love to see them hook up one day but at the moment all Kerry is interested in is getting fit for Dancing On Ice.'

Kerry recently said of Andre, 'Pete's one of my best friends down south - he's a great dad and a great friend.' She failed to add - and we share the same PR and paparazzi. A marriage made in D-list heaven!

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