It's the final housemates

So the contestants for the final Big Brother have been selected, and shiver our collective timbers – they’ve only gone and introduced some daft gimmick to help drum up viewers. How very, very predictable indeed.

The collection of 81 fame-hungry yahoos that we revealed to you the other day has been pared down to just 13, with one housemate – Mario Mugan – drawn by tombola to go in as a mole for Big Brother, with the aim of disrupting the other housemates’ lives. How exactly he'll do this is unknown, but given that most of them won’t be very bright, they’ll probably fail to notice. Or he’ll tell them straight away, when drunk. Given that, if you were half-way interested in the programme you’d know who they were by now, it’s pretty pointless telling you who they are, but let’s do it anyway!

We have filmmaker Shabby, 29-year-old retail worker Corin, volunteer Govan, 40-year-old ex-serviceman Steve, professional dancer Ife, 22-year-old student Caoinhe, medical student Yvette, nicknamed Sunshine, Australian retired vehicle body worker John, 39-year-old minister David, professional Beyoncé lookalike and hair stylist Rachael, financial sales rep Josie, trainee joiner Nathan, and writer and broadcaster Ben. Hooray, or something.

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