It's so unfair

In light of everyone’s favourite media storm, Coleen Nolan has decided that she needs to weigh in on the issue, and make it clear that what Andy Gray and Richard Keys did was just a bit of banter, not sexual harassment in the work place.

In a piece she wrote for The Mirror, she claims that if the same standards were applied to the ladies of Loose Women, they would have to be sacked for sexism. Notwithstanding the fact that would be really great news, Nolan doesn’t seem to grasp the difference between tea time menopausal clucking and a highly paid TV star being sexually suggestive with his underlings.

‘Obviously she (Sian Massey) knows, but there is a long running joke that women don’t know the offside rule and, let’s be honest, most of us don’t,’ she wrote, missing the point entirely. ‘Why would we want to?

‘Of course some women love football but the majority of football players and fans in this country are men. Some of what Andy Gray said in his exchange was a bit unpleasant but he never intended for me to hear it.

‘After what Andy Gray has said I reckon us Loose Women should be sacked for the things that we say about men. And that’s on air.’

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