'It's Sienna's fault'

Over the years, both Jude and Sienna have garnered reputations for being slayers of the opposite sex; in a 'lady killer' sort of way, not actual, bona fide murderering, obv. And so, with hindsight, their relationship was always destined to come to a predictably sticky end - but just who would out-cad the other? Well, it seems that Sienna has carried out the dumping according to a close friend of Jude's, leaving the actor in a state of shock.

Law's pal told The Daily Mail, 'Clearly things aren't particularly rosy in Jude’s personal life. All I can say is that's he's gone through a rough time. These things are hard - it's awful. The good thing is that he's busy. He'll keep on working.'

When asked by reporters whether Law initiated the split, the friend added, 'No, that wouldn't be fair at all. He's shocked by this.'

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