It's over

So, terrifying Tory bigot Anne Widdicombe has finally bowed out of Strictly Come Dancing, taking her two left feet away from our weekly reality show schedule. It’s a victory for people who can dance, and a crushing defeat for internet sad cases who fancied making a terrible TV programme even worse.

Still good old Anne didn’t have any qualms with her exit, saying that she knew from the start that she was no good at this dancing-on-telly-for-the -amusement-of-others lark. So nice to see a gracious loser for once, isn’t it?

‘I knew we were going out because we were the only two left who weren't up to the standard of the others,’ she told The Sun. ‘It would have been a travesty if I had stayed and Scott had gone out. It would have been quite wrong. Scott is a dancer and I'm not.

‘I'm a bit disappointed. But you've got very, very, top notch high-performing dancers. For heaven's sake, I'm still trying to do one, two, three!’

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