It's not great when you're Eight

The Beckham's caused mass confusion last week when they announced to the world that their new offspring would be named Harper Seven. Following the confusion, fear set in that silly people would take their lead and start naming their kids with their favourite numbers. Thirteen Jones, that sort of thing. Luckily, it seems that the Great British Public and celebs aren't quite that stupid. Steven Gerrard and his wife have vetoed the prospect, showing that WAGs can be sensible.

Alex told The Sun that their soon to be born baby won't get the Becks treatment,'If he wanted to give his shirt number as a middle name to our baby, I'd say no.' Though she conceded, 'I actually like Harper.'

Seven is a very lucky happy number and the baby was born just after 7am, in the seventh month.' And, don't forget, a great horror film too...

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