It's New-Bo!

The new Susan Boyle has been discovered, on XFactor of all places, and she ticks all the boxes. Mary Byrne works in a supermarket, is middle-aged, and has a humungous voice (that's the official term for it, don't you know). And most important of all, Mary has a back-story - something to make. us. care. A sad story to tell and edit into a nice little montage, juxtaposed with Cheryl's doe eyes.

Mary told The Mirror the story behind her life as a single mother to her daughter Deborah. 'Deborah’s dad and I had been together for two years when I told him I was pregnant. I was 27 and he was 25. But he wasn’t emotionally mature enough to deal with the situation so he ran away. And by the time Deborah was born he had met someone else and he went on to have two more children. He has never met his daughter and in all these years they’ve never even spoken. But it’s his loss. He’s missed out on a brilliant girl.'

It's not quite 'dead wife' on the back-story spectrum (remember the Ricky Gervais look-a-like from 2008?) but it'll do...

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