It's my party, I'll strop if I want to

So the woman who put the licious in diva celebrated her 40th birthday at the weekend, and moles on the inside say Jennifer Lopez was none too happy at how the event panned out. None too happy at all.

Check out photos of the glitzy do.

Jenny from the block was treated to a surprise 40th birthday at the Edison Ballroom in NYC on Saturday night but according to sources she was boiling mad when certain celebs didn't respect the timing of the bash, turning up willy nilly and not when the actual meal kicked off. Harumpf.

A mole said: "Jennifer's party was very intimate, and there were a noticeable amount of empty seats when the dinner started. Jennifer was really irritated. She was fuming because people were late, and complained about it really loudly to Marc. Jennifer was visibly upset and embarrassed." Latecomers included Alicia Keys and her boyfriend Swiss Beatz. No shows included, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Tut tut tut.

The bitchy source concluded: "Being late is the height of rudeness, and guests were still arriving at midnight."

Despite being thoroughly fecked off with the late arrivals Jennifer managed to let her hair down and get on with enjoying the night. According to the same source, 'she burst into tears of happiness 'frequently' and danced until 4am while hubby Marco Anthony sang her Spanish songs. Which is what being a celeb's all about. Well done Jen. Buon compleannos!

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