It's my clothing range I'll cry if I want to

A grimacing Katie Price had her work cut out at the launch of her baby clothing range yesterday. Not only did the babies not want to be there - the unsportsmanly scamps tried climbing out of their highchairs, they even had the cheek to cry. Imagine - at a photoshoot to launch a range specifically for them...!

Anyway, there are some classic pics of KP grappling with the unwilling extras in the Daily Mail. One rugrat stares at the glamour model with a look of pure horror etched on its face. Katie beams back a stoic permasmile. We have to admire her resolve. She shared the following on her website: 'Now that I’m happily married to Alex, I can’t wait to have another baby. Alex and I hope we’ll have exciting news to share with you soon and that it won’t be long before we have Baby Reid to model a KP Baby collection!'

Sorry Katie, but the whole baby make-up/clothes range is a step too far in the comedy of horrors direction for us. Leave the tots at home next time, where they belong.

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