It's Liz and Dicky: the movie

The Liz Taylor and Richard Burton romance, spanning two marriages, fifty diamonds, a hundred cases of whiskey, and probably a fair bit of shagging, has long captivated the world. And now Martin Scorcese has apparently been lined up to direct the biopic. No names have yet been thrown in the ring, but we imagine that casting the pair will be fiendishly difficult.

According to The Sun, Burton compared life with Liz to living, 'on the edge of an exciting volcano'. He continued, 'I'm not easy to be married to or live with. I exploded violently about twice a year with Elizabeth. She would also explode. It was marvellous. But it could be murder.' We think Burty might be protesting a little too much - bet they had secret Corrie and crossword fixations...

Welsh film critic Gary Slaymaker (nice name) approves of the choice of director, saying, 'On the face of it, Scorsese might be a strange choice for director, but when he made The Aviator, with Leonardo diCaprio as Hughes, and Cate Blanchett as Katharine Hepburn, it was a lot better than anyone expected. I think he would bring a heart and feel to the story – which is vital, as it’s a story filled with passion. They [Burton and Taylor] couldn’t live with each other, but couldn’t live without each other either. And if you’ve ever seen Raging Bull you know that Scorsese knows how to deal with passion.'

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