It's grime time

Gary Barlow might be a father and one the foremost purveyors of dad rock, but that hasn't stopped him getting down with the kids. Gary has been asked to produce the next Children in Need single, and, possibly inspired by hanging around with Tulisa from NDubz, he's convinced that grime's where it's at. Barlow wants to assemble a team of stars, including Tinie Tempah and Plan B.

A source told The Sun, 'Children In Need asked Gary to put a single together. He immediately said he wanted to get the cream of British urban acts together to write a No1 record. He has been impressed by the current crop of talent in the charts and has befriended some of the big names. He is really fond of Tinie and they have been trying to find the right project to work on together for a while. He has also produced tracks for N-Dubz in the past and knows them well. These guys are flying the flag for British music right now and they are the best choice for the track.'

We can't wait to hear the results...

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