It's disgusting

Few things could be as dispiriting as being lectured by Kerry Katona, especially when you’ve already got to contend with the prospect of living under the constant suspicion of your wife. So pity poor old hooker-hound Wayne Rooney, who no doubt saw the life lesson in Coleen’s copy of OK magazine, and reeled from her harsh judgement of what he’s ‘allegedly been up to’. Why, she even hinted that she’d be better off going it alone. We hope you’ve learned your lesson now, Wayne.

‘It’s absolutely disgusting what Wayne Rooney has allegedly been up to,' she apparently wrote. 'It’s really hard for Coleen because they’ve got a kid and that family brand but you shouldn’t put up with that.

‘I couldn’t tell her to leave him - she’s madly in love with him and they have a child - but you’ve got to have respect for yourself because if you don’t, no-one else will.

‘I’d rather be happy and single and respect myself than be in a miserable marriage where you get walked all over and put up with so much. I want a better life for my kids. That’s why I walked away.’

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