It's Bad, shamon

As TV hacks go, Derek Acorah is one of the most shameless. Once a star of Most Haunted, a preposterous show where ghostly happenings are imagined by producers and extremely dippy audience members alone, the scouse blagger stereotype has somehow managed to keep his spiritual persona going, despite being caught pretending to be possessed by a fictional character on TV.

Despite this, his nonsense was pretty harmless, and let’s be honest, you’d have to be a bit thick to fall for his schtick anyway. However, now he’s just strayed into the realms of pure offensiveness, taking part in a séance that will attempt to get in touch with the spirit of Michael Jackson, all for the benefit of Sky1. The tasteful trailer is below.

Understandably the show has attracted criticism from plenty of places, including actual proper illusionist and general all-round legend Derren Brown. ‘Can you honestly imagine anything - anything - more anus-invertingly unpalatable than this?’ he asked (the answer is no - Ed). ‘I hate myself for drawing attention to it. So proud to be in telly.’

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