It's Bad

Grubby Sunday tabloid The News of the World has managed to get its hands on a copy of Michael Jackson’s death certificate, and it has confirmed that the King of Pop was murdered. There is likely to be a heavily sweating doctor going by the name of Conrad Murray right now.

Originally the deputy coroner Cheryl MacWillie refused to publish a cause of death, but the red top has uncovered an amendment to the report from 31 August that states the cause of death was homicide, saying that Jackson was killed by ‘acute Propofol intoxication’ which came about by ‘intravenous injection from another’. Murray has hired Hollywood lawyer Michael Flanagan, who has already kept a nurse out of jail after she was accused of wrongly administering the painkiller.

‘We are all keeping our faith with the police,’ said a Jackson family source to the paper. ‘We want them to do this case properly and put away the man who we feel is responsible for Michael's death.

‘We want the authorities though to release details of what happened to Michael in his last few hours. We want the paperwork to come out to show just what drugs were put inside him and what happened in his last few hours alive. Much of the documentation has been kept secret - and we can't understand it.

‘We still feel that there is more than one person responsible for Michael's tragic death. Joe won't give up on getting justice for his son and a lawsuit is his focus.’

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