'It's as adult as you can possibly make it'

The Hollywood remake of 'Girl with the dragon tattoo' drew criticism even before cameras started rolling. Fans of the original Swedish drama feared that the new film would soften and sentimentalise the darkness of the Larrson books. It sounds like those critics might have to eat their words, after Daniel Craig, who stars in the film, has admitted that director David Fincher has made a 'horribly graphic' representation of the book.

Daniel told Esquire magazine, 'It's as adult as you can possibly make it. This is adult drama. I grew up, as we f***ing all did, watching The Godfather and that, movies that were made for adults. And this is a $100 million R-rated movie. Nobody makes those anymore. They've given him free rein.'

Craig continued, 'He recently showed me some scenes, and my hand was over my mouth, going, 'Are you f***ing serious?' It's not that he simply showed me footage that was horribly graphic - it was stuff that was happening, or had happened. And somehow you don't see it. There's more than one way to sense violence. Much more powerful ways than seeing it step-by-step.'

Yikes, sounds like it's not for the faint-hearted...

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