'It's a lorra lorra lafs!' Cilla Black lands new dating show

'Now I'm a passionate cook. There's nothing I like better than grating cheese and peeling spuds. If you were a kitchen implement, what would you be, and how would you seduce me? 'Well Cilla, I think I'd have to be a cheese grater..."

That's right, Cilla's back. The perenially upbeat, buck toothed Scouser of the never ageing, always elongating legs has been signed to front a brand new dating show on Sky One, to be broadcast next year.

Whereas Blind Date stuck to what it knew - cheesy one liners, canned laughter and realms of desperados happy to make complete tools of themselves on national TV, 'Loveland' will take a 'modern approach' to the dating game. Contestants will be masked by computer animated alter egos, who then interact on screen and compete to be chosen by the picker.

Of course it promises to be a 'lorra lorra lafs' - but it sounds a wee bit like contestants won't be forced to make tits of themselves half as much as they did in Blind Date's day. Flashy, modern and all a bit Sky One, instead of out and out low budget ITV tack. Still, Cilla's worth every bean - and Sky are delighted to have snapped her up.

"Cilla is the undisputed queen of the dating show. There have been many pretenders to her throne, but she remains in a class of her own" said Sky One controller Richard Woolfe. Cilla's pretty chuffed too. "Loveland captivated me with its modern-day twist on the dating format, bringing something new and exciting to the genre."

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