It's a girl for Abbey and Peter

Abbey Clancy last night gave birth to a baby girl, news which will put the lid on Peter's embarrassing indiscretions with vice girls, once and for all. The lanky footballer had to beg for forgiveness after being caught out on a stag do last summer, but with the pair becoming parents for the first time, we're sure Peter will mend his naughty ways...

A friend of the couple told The Daily Mail, 'Mother and daughter are doing brilliantly. Abbey and Peter are over the moon. They haven't picked a name yet, but they are completely in love with her.'

However, a few months ago, Abbey displayed a worrying approach to baby physiognomy, confidently stating that her bump was a boy, despite having seen the scans. She said at the time, 'I found out I was pregnant the first day I did this show, I was running off to the toilet to be sick. I think it's a boy from looking at the scans... it's too boisterous to be a girl!'

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