It's a fix

The most serious debate in the world rumbles on. Is X Factor fixed? Probably. Is Strictly fixed? Probably. Are reality shows real? No.

If only it ended there. Today's leaked chatter says that X Factor soundmen put a subwoofer on backing singers' voices and drowned out Jedward's to make them sound slightly less awful. Apparently this is really unfair, because it allows the Grimms to sound pretty damn bad rather than terrible and now they might fool the public into thinking they're amazing. You don't have to fool us Jedward, we already do.

Joe Calzaghe - (remember the Italian Dragon who was stiffer than a felled tree on the Strictly dancefloor?) has also landed a killer punch: he says Strictly is rigged. Apparently, the judges froze him out after he slagged off Craig Kelly: 'I know it's down to something I said about Craig Kelly. It was worse than a swear word. They were really angry with me. So you can say it - Strictly Come Dancing is a fix. I don't care, we shouldn't have gone out so early.'

Actually Joe, you should have gone out, because your dancing was shocking and once everyone knew for sure that you were knocking off Kristina you became a little bit less interesting. However, yes, the producers probably did throw you out a bit quicker because you were mean. Reality bites.....

Check out Joe shaking it to Livin' on a Prayer.

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