It's a Fix?

Scandal and rumours of a fix are again dogging XFactor after everyone's least favourite contestant, Katie Waissel, managed to scrape through once more, after finishing in the bottom two for the third time. Cheryl caused a storm of controversy after refusing to vote - her decision would have meant that she sent home one of her acts. In the end, Treyc was given her marching orders, and Katie lives to fight another day. And give another irritatingly 'quirky' performance...

When Dermot asked Cheryl for her decision, the Geordie popstrel refused to name her favourite saying, ‘You are both talented women. I am refusing to send anyone home.’ An XFactor spokesman denied that the show was fixed, insisting, 'Dermot was very clear. He asked Cheryl if she was refusing to vote. He told her if she refused it would simply be based on the majority. Those are the rules.’

Disgruntled fans took to Twitter to show their displeasure. EllisOfficial wrote ‘#XFactor is an absolute fix. It should be investigated by Ofcom. The whole series has been constructed to launch Katie Waissel. FACT.’ and an angry alsy77 wrote, ‘I hate Katie Waissel - the judges can’t ignore the will of the people forever. Allons, mes enfants. Man the #xfactor barricade.’

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