It's a fix

Yet another twist to the X Factor final 12 selection controversy: rumours are coming out of that Cheryl Cole didn’t have any say in who she chose to put through, as the show’s bosses were concerned that Gamu Nhengu might have been kicked out of the country if her visa had not been renewed.

Nhengu, who is Zimbabwean by birth, is awaiting the renewal of her visa and the head honchos at talent show central are apparently terrified the show would be plunged into chaos if she was booted out of the country. One source told the Mirror that: ‘it was made clear Gamu shouldn't go through because of the visa. Cheryl didn't have a say.’ Why she wouldn’t have her visa renewed is unclear, as is how it damage the show – surely there’s ratings in that there potential controversy?

‘Cheryl didn't have much of a say in the matter,’ said a production source on the show. ‘It was made clear that Gamu shouldn't be put through because they had issues with her, including the visa.

‘A lot of people on the show think it's really unfair that Cheryl is taking all the flak as it was a group decision and she was just following orders.

‘It's ridiculous the situation has got this far. It should have been knocked on the head much earlier on. Gamu should never have been put through to the judges' houses with question marks surrounding her visa.

‘Everyone on the show has themselves to blame for not being straight from the beginning. Gamu not getting through has now become a bigger talking point than the 12 finalists. And fans will be disappointed again if she is not the wild card.’

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