It's a conspiracy!

You might know Jason Manford best for his affable One Show persona, where he chats away with various celebs and generally makes nice, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have teeth to bare, and a message for The Man that he won’t be messed with. Oh no.

After his performance at the Help For Heroes gig at Twickenham stadium, in which he scolded the government’s lack of help for soldiers returning from conflict zones, the stand-up turned-light-entertainment-fluff-merchant was outraged at the BBC’s decision to cut his speech, and immediately went on Twitter to say that he couldn’t ‘believe some s***house edited out the bit about the Government. A charity like Help for Heroes shouldn't even be needed if the Gov had balls.’

The Beeb claimed that ‘it was a five-hour event that we had to edit into a two-hour programme’, meaning Manford’s criticism had to be cut, and refused to admit they were scared that the license fee could be cut.

‘If the Government - governments in general - are sending people to fight for freedom or defend their countries they should be looked after by the same people,’ he later explained on Gabby Logan's Radio Five Live show, a heated political forum if ever there was one. ‘I went into some jokes as well. I've got family in the military and if I can't say this here, where can I?

‘There was a mention that because it was against the Government then it might not go out. I'd like to speak to somebody and find out why.’

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