It'll be the Dawg House!

There’s a reason why Celebrity Big Brother has been moved from proper TV channel C4 to arriviste repeats factory Channel 5 – no-one could give a flying one about it anymore, and the sooner it goes away the better.

That’s why they’re going all out trying to get some of the best guests they can: if this year’s edition doesn’t work then it’s curtains for CBB, so you can understand why they’re trying to get Snoop Dogg to go on the show; hell, even we’d watch it if it had the king of West Coast hip-hop representing hard in the house.

Even better than that is the news that they also asked Tim Westwood – who Snoop apparently told about the advances – and he has said that he would join him if he said yes. Now that would be worth watching.

‘They asked me to do Ch5 Celebrity Big Brother,’ he wrote on his Twitter feed. ‘Snoop Dogg said they talkin' to him. If he goes in - I'm goin' in! It'll be the Dawg House!’

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