It says winning. That's what we're doing - every day

Watching Charlie Sheen explode in a fireball of self-righteous anger in his row with the writer of Two And A Half Men has been one of the most morbidly fascinating things to happen over the last few weeks; mostly because of the man’s obsession with the word ‘winning’, which he uses as though it were a call to arms for a Sheen Reich.

Check out the 21-minute long video below, taken from his internet radio show – Sheen’s Korner – for instance: at a certain point he implores his audience to stick their heads out of their windows and chant the word, and even shows off a ‘winning’ tattoo. He then spends his time talking about himself and generally acting like he’s got an ounce of marching powder up his conk.

But that’s not all: In an interview with The Sun he says he would like to go out on the beers with Boris Johnson, describes John Terry and ‘radical’, and said of fey stand-up Russell Brand: ‘He's awesome every second of every day because he's a winner.’ What kind of rehab is he doing, exactly?

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