It must have been love...

It might not feel like it if you’ve been reading the acres of newsprint and online reports, but apparently Katie Price and Alex Reid are to have a quickie divorce. Pretty shocking stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree.

There have been month of insults, claim and counter-claim, and Reid’s apparent insistence on huge sums of money before he moves out of their house, but according to The Mirror Price lodged ‘no-fault’ divorce papers today, and they could be formally separated as soon as two months down the line, without either party having to offer up evidence and go through old arguments. It’s all frighteningly mature, isn’t it?

‘Katie wants to put the past behind her and get on with her life,’ said one of her mates, AKA a source. ‘The way she sees it, her marriage to Alex is over. The sooner they can put it all behind them, the sooner they can both move on.

‘Neither she nor Alex wanted to drag out the process or point the finger. If anything, they just wanted it dealt with in the most mature manner possible.’

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