It must be love

Who would have funk the day would ever come that Russell Brand – the greatest swordsman since Errol Flynn (google him) would be tied down to one woman? Yes he’s been tied down by lots of women in the past, but this time it's different; his new girlfriend Katy Perry appears to have changed the vampire lampshade's womanising ways for good.

Randy Brandy who has been courting Cherry-chapstick-Perry for a whole 5 weeks told Heat that he’s changed for better because she makes him happy...1,2,3 vomit.

"I'm not drinking or doing drugs anymore, so I don't have that problem," said Mr Perry-to-be. "My new relationship is helping me calm down. In the past there were some times when I didn't like myself for what I was doing. I feel better now with who I am. I'm really enjoying myself now. It's a beautiful thing. I think maybe I'm really happy for the first time."

Maybe by Christmas we’ll see Russell with a short-back-and-sides wearing something other than black? No, one step at a time....

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