It Moss be love...

In the world of rock bohemia, being a poor and tormented genius is a much sought after commodity; every respected indie star pretends to be Keats, Byron and Elvis in one critically acclaimed package. But deep down, they all want to be as loaded as Bono. Which is why today's news that Jamie Hince, 'husband' of Kate Moss, only made £2 profit on last year's Kills tour will be a huge embarassment to him and his supermodel wife.

Statements from Jamie's companies reveal that 'The Kills Touring' made a couple of quid, while his second business 'Red Meat Heart' fared a little better with £20 profit. Even our terrible Young Enterprise company, founded at school, and selling painted light bulbs to parents made more money than poor Jamie.

A friend told The Mirror that Kate's making sure her money is safe from his grubby mitts, 'She’s nobody’s fool and is a realist. If the couple ever split up, Jamie won’t receive a penny of her nest egg. Their finances are very separate.'

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