Is X-factor a fix?

After weeks of The X-Factor judges telling the British public that they can vote for who they want to win the show, it’s been reported that Simon Cowell wants Joe McElderry to win, even persuading fellow judges to influence voters by giving the young Geordie bonus praise.

The accusation, made by The Sun, also suggests that SyCo’s remaining two acts - Olly Murs and Danyl Johnson are a little peeved at the sudden turn around.

‘Joe is the winner in Simon's eyes. He's been bigging up Joe when the judges are around’ said the newspaper’s source; ‘the others are not happy. But the bottom line with Simon is, 'Who will sell records?'’

It was reported last week that the winner's song this year is Journey's 1981 power ballad 'Don't Stop Believin', which Joe previously sang on the show. Hmmmmmm.

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