Is that a JLS fan in your bag...

Waiting for hours at the backstage door, camping outside their houses; groupies will go to almost any means to catch a glimpse of their idol. One JLS fan proved just that when she was caught zipped up inside a bag in an attempt to meet her favourite pop group.

According to The Sun, the crazed fan performed the contortionist feat outside the hotel in Dublin where the X-Factor rejects were staying in the hope she would be packed into their tour bus. Jeez.

‘It's getting to the point where the fanaticism is dangerous. This girl was so meticulous. She had brought along her own bag to match the luggage the lads normally use. But it was moving slightly and didn't have any tags, so one of the security lads clocked it.’

'When the girl was pulled out, she had been in there for at least half an hour and was close to fainting. She was looking for the boys but they had already left.'

Security at the scene are calling it an ‘inside job’. Har har har.....

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