Is Syco playing hard to get?

That's it. We're no longer convinced by Mr Nasty's upcoming nuptials. Ever since news broke that the omnipotent media lord would be made an honest man of, it's been a waiting game more nerve wracking than Waity Kaity and Wills in terms of a date.

While they've only been together for one and a half X Factor series, Simon and his fiance Mezghan are already 'battling' rumours of a split. Mezghan even reached out to a tabloid to silence the chatter. ‘I still love him and he says he still loves me and we are still engaged – as far as I know,' she told the Mail on Sunday. 'As far as I know?' Yikes, that sounds vague.

So the pair turned up to the Emmy Awards yesterday to pose for pictures together and make it look like they're still on. Now we're no body language experts (more like armchair experts) but these snaps are revealing. For one, SyCo isn't sporting his trademark radioactive smile. In fact his mouth looks firmly clamped shut. Mezghan on the other hand, looks to be overcompensating with the gushing grins. What's more, when Syco popped out for a cheeky fag, Mezghan can be seen looking on disapprovingly.

Wills and the No Longer Waitey Katey set a date today. When will Simon put the nation out of its misery? Of course all we really care about is getting another national holiday...

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