Is Katie Holmes plotting to escape from Tom Cruise?

Is Katie Holmes busy hatching a great escape from Tom Cruise? The LA gossip truck is sputtering with news of Katie wanting shot of her 1984 style life with Tom Cruise once and for all. Katie's apparently had enough of living like a Big Brother contestant in a show controlled by Tom, and is hatching a plan to take off to New York with Suri in tow.

The Cruise Missile has had a 1.3 million dollar security system installed in the TomKat marital home to 'protect his wife and child' - meaning Katie is quite literally always 'in range' and can no longer roam around her own house without the celebrity Vulcan monitoring her every move. And we have to say it's all too easy to imagine Tom sitting deep in the heart of the nerve centre tracking his wife's every move on millions of tiny cameras. Scary!

So seems like TomKat are lying conspicuously low at the moment. there's no going out for Vicky B's birthday bash. In fact no more Katie and Lady Beckham even being friends - Tom's already put the stoppers on that one. Is it time for Katie to reclaim her life? Absolutely. But with Tom threatening to keep Suri if Katie ditches him to go to New York, it looks like the Great Escape might need a wee bit more prep work done on it yet.

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