Is it still going?

We were under the impression that Big Brother was over the hump, and that Channel 4 had decided to cut their losses with the show that is the very definition of diminishing returns and never bother us with it again. Unfortunately, we have one last series to go, the 11th, and you can bet your backside that C4 will be will be hammering the last dregs of potential advertising revenue out of it.

The gimmick this time round is to have an ‘dramatic’ opening night, with 80 potential candidates for the final 11 spots in the house to be decided live on the box. Presumably this is so the opening night will be full of heartache, and publicity-hungry sociopaths who sob, bawl and defiantly shrug as Endemol tell them that – in their judgement – they are boring and will never amount to anything. Ah fame is a fickle mistress.

Anyway, the list of the 80 people set to appear on Wednesday night’s launch show has been announced, and instead of wasting valuable time by putting them all up here, you can have a look at them here instead. So far our favourites are ‘half-Greek, half-Turkish Peter Andre enthusiast Senel’, and ‘millionaire and Mr T lookalike Terry’. The rest appear to be a load of models and – ugh – normal people.

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