Christina Hendricks, who plays 'Mad Men's Joan Holloway is one of TV's sexiest creatures. Maybe it's the wisecracks and sharp wit, masking (sob) a vulnerable side, or perhaps it's the hourglass figure poured into skin-tight 50s dresses. Whatever, she's bloomin' gorgeous, but it transpires that in real life, men are too intimidated to approach, while girls are more than happy to flock.

Speaking on US show 'The View', Hendricks admitted that she doesn't get much male attention, instead attracting lustful ladies in their droves. She said, 'Men don't really approach me much, but women do come up - and they are flirtatious with me.'

Addressing fears that some of 'Mad Men's most beloved characters might be axed, Christina allayed our fears, saying, 'They are just rumours. The writers are back now - no one's leaving the show. I don't know exactly when we will go back on the air, it will be a little bit later - but not much.' Phew...

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