Iraq? It's Beckham's fault

You’re probably all very well versed in some of the reasons why Britain and the US walked us into an illegal and immoral war in Iraq: control of natural resources, getting a political foothold in a key strategic region of the world, placating an unsatisfied American electorate and just plain old religious nut-jobbery are just some of the motivation behind the biggest cluster-expletive in the new millennium. However, any money you didn’t think about the role David Beckham played in it all, did you?

Well, Reverend and The Makers front man Jon McClure has, and he’s convinced that the England man could have turned the tide of two decades of neo-con Christian fundamentalist thought and British toadying to the USA and saved us all from the disastrous conflict, simply by opening his mouth and saying ‘eeeer, not fer me fanks guv.’

If David Beckham had of spoken out about Iraq it wouldn't have happened,’ he implausibly claimed. ‘I honestly believe that hand on heart, or Britain certainly wouldn't have got involved.

Beckham's cultural gravitas was as such in that period that if he'd have gone, “I don't want this war in Iraq, it's an awful thing, we should not do it”, it wouldn't have happened, the public would've gone mad against it.

‘But because he kept his gob shut, and everybody else did, it happened, we sleepwalked our way there.’

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