Interview with a terrorist

Sacha Baron Cohen spoke to David Letterman about his latest film, Bruno, on last night’s Late Show with David Letterman. The Englishman spoke about beating Borat and reassured his audience that everything they did in their latest film is 100%, even going as far as calling up a contact in the CIA so Bruno could interview a terrorist.

‘When we were making this film, we wanted it to be better than Borat and we thought, “What could people see that they'd never seen before on film?”’Cohen said. ‘And we thought one thing could be a comedian interviewing a terrorist.

‘When we showed the script to the studio they said “great, who’s going to play the terrorist?”, and we said “no, we’re going to find a real terrorist.”

‘So we called up a contact at the CIA and we said “can you help us we’re trying to find a terrorist?” Eventually after a few months we found someone from a pretty nasty group... and he says that there is a terrorist in his town. So I say ‘great, can we interview him? I’m a bit scared about reprisal attacks from other people in your city.” And he says “don’t worry, everybody loves you we love The Ali G Show.”’

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