Internet detectives in pursuit of Original Guy over celebrities leaked photos

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Progress doesn't seem to be forthcoming in the process of identifying the person responsible for leaking hundreds of nude photos of celebrities. The person responsible has been dubbed "Original Guy" by online and it seems that users of Reddit and 4Chan are leading the charge along with the FBI on uncovering who is responsible for the leaking of the private images.

At present, it is not clear who the source of the leak is but it is strongly suggested that whoever was behind the leak got their hands on the sensitive images by hacking celebrities iCloud account and grabbing the images from there. There have been many false claims made in the wake of the leak so let's take a look at a number of theories that have been floated as to who is behind the leak.

A couple of days ago the prevailing theory was that Original Guy was a hacker who usually carries out all of their activity in the Deep Web. They posted a message claiming that they did not act alone and was in fact part of a group of hackers who all "worked long and hard" to collect all the images. The poster then said that they would move to another location and carry on posting from there.

As usually happens with Reddit crusades though, there are wrongly accused victims and a programmer from Georgia named Bryan Hamade was wrongly identified as being behind the iCloud hacks. Hamade claimed his innocence by saying "I am not the original leaker. I only reposted one thing that was posted elsewhere and stupidly had my network folders visible."

Jennifer Lawrence was probably the most high profile victim of the nude photo leaks after dozens of sensitive images of her in compromising positions were posted to a forum on image sharing site 4Chan. Other celebrities whose iCloud was hacked include Kelly Brook, Rihanna, Kirsten Dunst, Kaley Cuoco and even images of an underage United States gymnast McKayla Maroney, who only recently turned 18, were leaked.

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