Insert 'Church wedding' style pun here

Despite still being in their early twenties, Charlotte Church and her rugby beau Gavin Henson, seem to have been together for centuries. In reality, it's only been 5 years, but that's a millenia in celeb relationship time and now Henson has only gone and proposed! We'll keep a lid on the cynical voice in our head that says, 'hmm this is wonderful timing, what with 'Over the Rainbow' on our screens, and Charlotte making her TV comeback', and instead say 'llongyfarchiadau!' (that's congraulations in Welsh. We think).

Says Charl: 'It was a lovely day and I was with Gav, then he started talking all funny. Saying stuff like, 'We've been together five years now, we've had good times and hard times, but it's mostly been good times and I think we're meant to be together now for the rest of our lives.' Then he went down on one knee and said: 'So I'd better finally ask you, I suppose.' Then he said, 'Will you marry me?'

Sob. After a miserable start to the year, with even little Mark Owen seemingly incapable of keeping it zipped, this has restored our faith in the power of celeb love. Don't let us down Charl and Gav!

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