In-Seine in the membrane

Well it was never going to be egg and cress sandwiches in the church hall. Brad and Ange - sorry, we're using too many words for what should be a simple, amalgamated name - Brange, took son Pax on a cruise down the Seine for his 7th birthday. The picture perfect family were snapped looking picture perfect as they cruised down the Parisian river on a trendy boat. While we can never remember the names, ages or faces of any of Brange's brood, the Daily Mail informs us that two of the herd were missing: the twins. Thank goodness someone's counting!

But there may be choppy waters ahead. When asked about their plans for Thanksgiving (American holiday: HUGE), Angelina is quoted as saying that she 'hates this holiday and wants no part in rewriting history like so many other Americans.' Okaay. While Brad - widely regarded as the more chipper of the two, said, 'I'm not really sure where we'll be for it, but yeah, it'll be overseas. We'll rummage up a turkey somewhere.'

Rummage up a turkey? If Pax's birthday bash is anything to go by they'll have a dazzling, movie star turkey brought to them on a bed of gold lettuce. Well it beats a turkey twizzler.....

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