Inquest for Peaches Geldof to be told she "Died of a heroin Overdose"

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The inquest into the death of Peaches Geldof is to be held today in Kent. It is being reported by The Times that the TV presenter died of a heroin overdose and an inquest will hear the results of a toxicology test carried out later on today.

The daughter of Boomtown Rats singer Bob Geldof was found dead at her home in Kent at the beginning of April. Police at the time stated that her death was "non-suspicious but unexplained and sudden".

Reports suggest that the inquest will hear the results of a toxicology report which found that an overdose was the cause of death. The Times also report that police did not find any sign of drugs or drugs paraphernalia in her house at the time of death which signal that they could have been removed.

Hours before her death, Peaches posted a picture of herself as a young girl with her mother Paula Yates to her twitter account. Yates died of a heroin overdose herself in 2000 aged just 41. She was found in her London home 14 years ago in a scene that could tragically mirror that of her daughter Peaches.

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