Indiana Jones & The Antiques Roadshow

There’s nothing that evokes that horrible back to school feeling more than when the clock strikes 7pm on a Sunday and the theme tune to The Antique Roadshow comes on. But whereas sane people under the age of retirement groan at the English ditty, it’s been revealed that the BBC One show has at least one very famous admirer: Harrison Ford. No, you couldn’t make it up.

When asked by the Radio Times what floats his boat when it comes to slouching in front of the telly of an evening (we’ve paraphrased that) the movie leg-end said: ‘It's news or history for us - or the Antiques Roadshow’. The interviewer naturally dismissed the quip as a bit of the old Han Solo charm only for Harrison to insist that he was ‘deadly serious’.

It must be the inner archeologist in him. Leave it Indy! Haven’t you learnt from the abysmal Crystal Skull?

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