Indecent proposal

Roll up, roll up! Step on board the Katie Price rollercoaster, but do hold on tight as we lurch from disaster to crisis all during one boozy night out in London's Soho. Price took her new fella Leandro out on the town, for a classic West End evening, which ended in marriage proposals, kebabs, and a police caution for one of her pals. Classy bird.

A hanger-on told The Sun that Price seems determined to bag Leandro for husband number three, 'Katie kept saying, 'Marry me. Come on, why don't we just go and get married? It's like Alex Reid never existed, but they aren't even divorced yet.' The couple ended their night by sneaking out of the back doors of a London restaurant, with one of Price's entourage spitting at photographers.

Meanwhile, Alex is back living with his mum at the family home in Hampshire. Reid's mother told the paper, 'I can't even talk about that girl. Katie hasn't been to our house, she hasn't called, either. I don't know what's happening.'

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