Inception Trailer 2

With 'The Dark Knight' being one of the best movies ever made in grossing terms at the box office and subsequent DVD sales with movie-goers and critics alike, the master visionary behind it Christopher Nolan’s next project has snowballed almost unparalleled exception surrounding it.

Starring Leo Di Capario, our first look at ‘Inception’ was almost six months ago with a no-dialogue teaser trailer asking more questions than it did answer, but now a second teaser has been released this time with added V/O and even more mind-bending CGI.

The plot is still very much under wraps but initial reports suggest that the story revolves around an elusive item that can make people change the world with their mind. Coooool! The only thing we do know for sure is that it has a whopping budget of $200 million and Cillian Murphy, Ellen Page and Sir Michael Caine also star and that it’s released on July 16th, 2010. We can’t bloody wait!


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