Inbetweeners trailer released

We all know that The Inbetweeners is one of the finest sitcoms produced since the start of the last Millennium: the show captures exactly what it's like for the suburban lower middle class teenager, especially ones who get get any girls. So you can colour us excited that the film is coming out this summer, in which the boys go on a holiday in search of the c-word.

Now the makers have released a teaser trailer, in which they stroll through Malia and perv at all the hot looking young girls, who obviously completely ignore them. The video is below, so take a look.

'It felt worryingly like a holiday to start with,' said Joe Thomas, AKA Simon. 'The first few days we weren't doing any work so we got into holiday mode and started organising day trips but reality hit home by week three or four when we did some overnight shoots.

'That's when we realised that, although we were beside bars, we weren't ever going to go in. Instead, we were going to stand in the same spot in the street for eight hours and get freezing cold. It's a glamorous life.'

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