Inbetween actors?

We’re tentatively excited about the prospect of the film version of The Inbetweeners: we know that TV comedies made into films are usually rubbish, but the cast and writing are so good that surely an hour and a half isn’t going to be too much for them, right? Hopefully.

However, according to The Sun the whole thing has been thrown into chaos by the Simon Bird, who plays nerdy Will McKenzie, who is apparently holding out for more money. However, seeing as Bwark Productions have decided that they’re going ahead later this month regardless of what happens, we could end up with a different actor playing in. That would not be cool at all.

‘The movie is definitely going ahead,’ said a source to the tabloid. ‘It will start shooting in Malia, Crete, later this month and then from November onwards. Simon's agents at Avalon won't accept the offer that Joe, James and Blake have all said they'd accept.

‘So Bwark are moving on without Simon to pretty much call his agents' bluff. They sent out casting notes last week to show they are serious.

Simon's agents have always tried to push him as the star of the show and everyone's fed up with it. If some high-profile young actor won the role then Simon won't be in the film. Avalon will have to come crawling back to accept the offer. It's sad, but he has kind of shafted himself.’

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