In vinas veritas

Are you a celebrity? Have you had a few shandies followed by a wee dram of whiskey? Then do not take to your Twitter account. We repeat, do not take take to your Twitter account. Only joking! Please do. Vodka soaked celebrity tweeting is the civilian equivalent of drunken texting, only a lot more entertaining.

Enter stage left Carol McGriffin who is in hot water with Katie Price after calling her a 'monster' on Twitter. The Loose Women anchor was responding to a follower (we'd like to know exactly who follows Carol on Twitter?), who accused her of being drunk in charge of a keyboard, saying: 'Since when did you turn into Katie Price with the vodka-soaked tweets?' Carol nailed another vodka slammer before responding: 'Anyone who compares me to Katie Price is an a***hole. I won't be compared to that monster.'

Ouch. Who knew Carol had it in her? We await Pricey's response. In fact this could be the perfect opportunity for her to take the moral highground against a pillar of the televisual community. Priiiiicey?

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