In the stars part 2

It’s been a big old week for Russell Grant, hasn’t it? First he manages to bag himself a gig pretending to be able to sort out Britney Spears’ problems with a quick reading of the stars, presumably for a massive fee (if you’re not doing that Russ, get yourself a new agent). Now he’s gadding about with Jordan, looking to cleanse her home of paranormal activity.

The mega-boobed glamour model is convinced that a ghostly presence haunts her Sussex mansion, particularly in the sunbed region of her home. She became convinced of that a male ghost is hanging about the place after the alarm for it was switched on in the middle of the night.

Price has form for this sort of stuff, mind you: she has already spoken to star psychic Sally Morgan about her ghostly problems, after which Morgan declared that spirits were drawn to her. So what’s Grant’s solution? ‘I will light candles and attempt to find out who is causing the mischief and then purify the place,’ he said to the Daily Star. That’ll show ‘em for sure.

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