In the nip

It might read like a plotline from The Bill but Scarlett Johannson is taking the news that naked pictures of her have been leaked online, seriously. Very seriously. So seriously that she's called in the FBI. Sorry Sunhill, we meant CSI.....

Nude photos of the buxom actress were allegedly hacked from her phone only to turn up on a website yesterday. The starlet is redfaced and furious. Perhaps one of the reasons she's so upset is that the photos - according to The Daily Mail, look to have been taken by herself, though that is just speculation: equally as likely is that the photos are fake or have been doctored by ingenius hackers with too much time on their hands. The Mail reports: Gossip sites in America were asking yesterday if the photos of Miss Johansson were meant for actor ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds, or any of the men she has dated since the break-up, who include fellow Hollywood star Sean Penn'.

Scarlett can take solace in the fact that she's not alone. Over 50 Hollywood celebrities may have been targeted in America's fluffier answer to our own NOTW hacking scandal. Other victims including Justin Timberlake who more embarrassingly, was found with a pair of pink pants on his head - (Justin, we'd like to say we've all been there, buuuut). Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Christina Aguilera have also had rude snaps pinched from their mobiles and e mail accounts, although the FBI are still reluctant to say whether it is part of the same plot.

Whatever, the scandal looks set to run and run. Questions are already being asked about who will be next on the hit list and whether any heavyweights will be on there. Translation: Brad and Ange.

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