In the money

Just when you think things couldn’t go any better for Cheryl Cole, they do. The pop star and new Queen of Our Hearts has reportedly landed herself a whopping £6million contract with Universal after a brief 36-hour visit to LA to speak with the record label’s top brass.

They summoned her to their offices on Sunday after her single Promise This went to number one in the UK charts, telling her that they could make her a big star in the States, promising to release her album Messy Little Raindrops over there next year. That, and a sack load of lovely money.

‘Cheryl got a call from some very senior people at Universal saying they wanted to see her,’ said a source to The Sun. ‘They are the kind of people who when they say, 'Jump', you ask, 'How high?'.

‘So she jumped on a plane and went to LA for 36 hours. Derek was there to ferry her to and fro and give her support as these big execs can be quite scary.’ Yes, it must be terrifying being called in to receive millions of pounds, it really must.

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