In the dark

The lads from The Inbetweeners have revealed that they signed up for the film version of the hit sitcom without having even had a peak at the script. Now that’s faith in your writing team.

The flick is going to be set during the boys’ first lads’ holiday, and is sure to feature the usual amount of indignity and stupidity that is usually inflicted on them. Joe Thomas, who plays Simon Cooper, reckons he’ll be the one who has to flash something he’d rather not flash for the sake of his art.

‘We are in the dark,’ he said to The Sun. ‘We trust the scriptwriters to do a good job. All we know is that we go on a boys holiday to Malia.

‘I imagine they will make us, well me, do naked scenes. I made the mistake of being a soft touch early on. It's not as if I have any dignity left anyway. My career is all about the b******. It overshadows me.

‘So far I've not shown the end of my c***, my right b****** or up my a***. They are the only three cards I've got left to play.’

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