In need of help

Sometimes you have to wonder why some people are so desperate for external validation that they’ll go in front of a panel of people paid to be mean and condescending to members of the general public and take the inevitable abuse. There’s surely something to be said by someone intelligent on what that says about ‘us’, probably in a chin strokey Guardian feature.

Were someone to write this feature, poor old Kat Lee would sure be case study one. Not only did she put herself in front of the firing line, she took Simon Cowell’s response – he wished that he could put her ‘in somebody else’s body’ – so badly that she had laser surgery on her face, had dental surgery and dyed her hair red, as well hiring a personal trainer and losing two stone, before coming back to face him again five years later.

‘I had to go back and re-write history. What happened to me the last time nearly tipped me over the edge,’ she said, terrifyingly. ‘It was terrible. I came face-to-face with Simon Cowell and told him that his comments had nearly wrecked my life. He told me (after), “That's not a nice thing that I said.”

‘He seemed really shocked about how his comments had affected me. Even though it was Simon who knocked me down, he's also the one who brought me back up again by telling me I was a good-looking girl when I returned this year. He took all my insecurity away.’ Words fail, don’t they?

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