In a New York minute

Anyone out there who still has enough disposable cash to let them enjoy trips to New York might have seen a familiar face while they were out there recently; not to mention a familiar backside, legs and knockers.

Flashdance, a Big Apple strip club, has been plastering images of Big Brother bottom and boob barer and sometime Screenwipe extra Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace all over the city's iconic yellow taxis.

'It's frustrating because I'm out of pocket and there is strict control over my images so my management and lawyer will be looking into it,' she said to The Sun. But she did at least look on the bright side, at least they accidentally used a model's snaps and not those of an exploited eastern European teenager.

'What girl wouldn't love being advertised on the famous yellow cabs and billboards of New York City?

'I've had calls from friends in the states saying “Girl what the hell are doing splashed all over my cab?” You've got to see the funny side, haven't you? Apparently.

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